Thursday, August 6, 2020

Moving Update #3

I hate complaining on my blog but I need to update you all.

If you read my previous moving update you will know that we were supposed to have our key to new house on July 31st but then there was a delay because the buyer of our house that we were selling couldn't get his money on time. We were told we would have it by this Friday (tomorrow) but now they say not for another 2 weeks.  😡😡😡  because of that, we can't get our money to pay for the house that we bought at our new location. 

My husband and I are really getting stressed out because we can't afford to stay in hotels for that much longer.  I am so done and the stress has been making me sick so this isn't good for our health either.   

Anyway, I just thought I would update you all. Please send us good/ positive vibes or thoughts because right now we really need it. 


  1. Moving is stressful enough without all of these unexpected delays being thrown in. I hope everything comes together quickly for you so you can begin to enjoy your new home.