Sunday, October 30, 2011

Thursday Thistle: A Fairy Tale by August V. Fahren ebook review

Lethe: le the noun 'le-the

1: A dark, forgotten land from which all of our fairytales originated.

2: A Post apocalyptic realm of twisted, magic wielding royalty locked in battle with a race of technologically superior Guardians (who seek to snuff out magic forever).

3: The world Thursday Thistle has journeyed to in order to locate Princess Monday, one of seven paranormal princesses each named after a day of the week.

In a world where speaking with "wise men" is more like dealing with tech support and romance can be deadly Thursday will have to contend with: the wicked cannibal queen, a zombie grizzly bear, wee werewolves, robot laser-shooting mermaids, a steampunk tortoise, and a Zen archer monkey.

Additionally, she will meet the Schumacher Hound and find a haunted Halloween cuckoo clock temple and that's just the beginning in this tale of whimsical wandering in the dreamlike tradition of Alice in Wonderland.


I little different than what I am used to reading. Thursday Thistle is a mix of a bunch of fairy tales mixed with horror. The sex scenes are a little weird for my taste but the book was good enough to keep reading anyways .      

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I give this 4 out of 5

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