Monday, October 17, 2011

Unfrozen by Susan Franceschina (ebook review)

Isolated from the outside world, New City boasts to be the only pure city – the only society free of the life-prolonging, but often dangerous, Dozer chambers. It is behind these walls that Josie dreams of escape. Her fear of capture is amplified when the Commander’s army captures Building X where her husband’s illicit Dozer complex is housed. Time is running out, and Josie must decide if reaching the mysterious outside world is worth the risk entailed.


I very much enjoyed this one. It is only just a few pages so I was able to read it while I was waiting for my hubby to get his hair cut.  Very well written for such a short read . This is one I think most of you will enjoy . 
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I give this 4 out of 5

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