Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Creative Bio Science 90 Day Challenge (1st update)

Well it has almost been a month since I have started Creative Bio Science 90 Day Challenge. I was going to update sooner but I had been swamped with work.

Anyways I started the challenge at 210 lbs (Yikes!!) on January 2nd 2013. I checked my weight every week since and I am happy to say that when I weighed myself today I was down to 200 lbs. Not bad considering this month we had a week of crazy cold weather and all I felt like doing was hibernate but I had days I forced myself to go outside and run around in the backyard with my dog for 10 minutes just so that we both had some exercise and of course I did a bit of WiiFit so at least I was a little bit active.

Also I really should have quit coffee and soft drinks but I am just slowly cutting down. I am now putting smaller portions on my plates at meal time. 

It was difficult for the first 2 weeks to remember to take the Green Coffee Bean Pure Extract 30 minutes before meals twice per day but now I have no problem remembering to take it everyday.

So far I am very happy with  Creative BioScience .

I will be posting an other update in a few weeks. Hopefully I will have more good news for you then.

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