Friday, January 11, 2013

Let’s be organised in 2013

Let’s be organised in 2013

New Year new me! Sound familiar? Every year I am exactly the same; I make promises with myself that I will go to the gym more often, I will eat healthier and I definitely won’t class orange and chocolate brownies as one of my 5 a day! But this year is a little bit different, I have chosen to go down a completely different root which I feel needs a lot of work. My organisation skills!
Due to this, I have composed a list of useful ways to organise yourself and your time in 2013:

Buy a calendar
How do you expect to remember everything without writing it down? Despite us thinking that we will remember everything that we are told, unfortunately we aren’t that great; and therefore investing in a calendar should be on top of our to do list for 2013. It doesn’t have to be plain and boring; you can now buy gorgeous ones from the shops or alternatively you could make your own stylish calendar. This way you can include all of those beautiful family pictures you took over Christmas, and organise your life at the same time.

Bank Online
What with holding down a job, looking after the kids, and generally keeping your home from being run to the ground, there is always something that is forgotten. In my case, this is payments. I am absolutely shocking at remembering to transfer money each month, and usually results in the last Saturday of the month being spent running from one bank to another. However, a friend of mine has opened my eyes to the wonderful world of online banking, which I have now realised is the future. Online banking is an easy and safe equivalent to going into branch and it doesn’t cost you any time or money; which if I’m honest, for me and I am sure quite a few of you is valuable.

Be sure to Delegate
Delegating tasks is one of the easiest ways to keep track of your time. Whether you are trying to organise yourself or everyone around you, by sharing out your duties with the rest of the family you have more time to worry about the other little things that you have to do.

Plan ahead!
Saving everything to the last minute is sure enough bound to give you a migraine. Therefore, your mission should be to make 2013 the year that you organise all of your adventures way ahead of schedule. By doing this, you will allow yourself plenty of time to do everything else, and still have a social life. Despite what people may think, mums don’t have 8 arms and 8 legs, and therefore need to plan their time accordingly.
There are many ways in which you can organise yourself in 2013, but these are just a few which I am already noticing are helping with my everyday life.

Here is to a very organised 2013!

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