Friday, July 19, 2013

City of Mirrors: A Diana Poole Thriller (Diana Poole #1) by Melodie Johnson Howe Book review

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Running out of money, Diana Poole is forced to go back to the only work she knows: acting. Her much-loved husband and movie-star mother have died, and now Diana is over thirty-five. In Hollywood that means she might as well be dead. Still, a few key people remember her talent, and she lands a role in a new movie. But an actress should never get her hopes up, especially when she discovers the female lead's murdered body. Raised in her mother's shadow, Diana knows people in "the business"will go to dangerous lengths to protect their images. When her own life and career are threatened, Diana decides to fight back and find the killer. But unmasking the surprising murderer isn't that easy, especially when she uncovers what's real--and unreal--in her own life


City of Mirrors is a thriller written by Melodie Johnson Howe.  I don't read thriller novels much these days. Not because i don't like this genre but because I am picky and have not found many thrillers that catches my interest. 

I am so happy I read this one. It is a easy read that I very much enjoyed from beginning to end. This book is well written . If you are a fan of Melodie Johnson Howe's writing or love thrillers similar to this one you might enjoy this one.

I give this 4 out of 5

If you want to purchase this book you can do so online or in bookstores near you on August 1st 2013.

                       *I was given a free copy of this Book for my honest review*

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