Thursday, July 25, 2013

What is your favourite season? Mine is Summer

I love Summer because I love sitting out on the patio and do some reading. Currently we have plastic patio table and 3 plastic chairs that my parents gave us and earlier this month we bought a umbrella . We would really like to eventually buy patio furniture that is much more comfortable than the old plastic table and chairs that we currently have and maybe one of those swings. I know I would spend even more time outside in the backyard just relaxing and maybe have some friends over for a nice BBQ dinner but it will have to wait a few years I think because we might have to move in a year and we do not know if we will have a yard so really it is no point in buying something we know we might have to sell again in a few months. Hopefully sometime soon we will be able to live at the same place for longer than a few years but right now with my husband's work we just don't know when or where we will be moving to next.

An other thing I love to do is play outside with our little dog. Sure we play outside all year long but it he seems to enjoy summer more as well.

I also love using the BBQ . Nothing is better than burgers ,steaks and chicken cooked on the BBQ and of course drinking some delicious cold drinks

I love swimming but I have to admit I haven't done that in a few years. 
I do not mind the thunderstorms. I have never been scared of them and actually I missed them when we lived out in Victoria, BC for 4 years. They do not get many thunderstorms out there so when we moved back out in Ontario in the July 2010 I couldn't wait for a thunderstorm . Is that weird?

Also I like the fact that I don't have to wear a winter jacket, boots, gloves and hat. An I am not a big fan of snow and the cold.

Which season is your favourite and why?

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