Thursday, August 29, 2013

Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller iPad App review

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Phoenix Online Studios is expanding availability of their 4-part episodic adventure Cognition: An Erica Reed Thriller with releases today on the iOS App Store and Mac App Store. The iPad version of Episode 2: The Wise Monkey can now be downloaded from the iOS App Store for $3.99. Meanwhile, Mac versions of the first three episodes are available from the Mac App Store for $7.99 each.
FBI agent Erica Reed has a secret weapon in her hunt for serial killer -- an uncanny ability to "see" flashes of the past. But this sixth sense didn't help three years ago when her brother Scott was murdered. When a new killing spree turns up clues that only Erica can decipher, she struggles to keep her powers in check, unable to shake the most terrifying premonition of all: a vision of herself with a bullet in her head. With a maniac on the loose and people she loves in the crossfire, can Erica stop this madness before the fate she's foreseen comes true?

Each Cognition episode is a self-contained investigation that also advances Erica's story and brings her closer to avenging Scott's murder. With traditional "point and click" gameplay, a stylized graphic novel aesthetic, and a gritty story that grips you and won't let go, this modern adventure is a must-play for fans of mystery games like Gabriel Knight, interactive narratives like Heavy Rain or The Walking Dead: The Game, supernatural serials like TV's Fringe, and CSI-style crime dramas.

Cognition was one of the earliest games to be funded with a successful Kickstarter campaign, having raised over $34k about a year before its October 2012 debut. Since then, episodes have been releasing quarterly, with the grand finale scheduled for September 2013 on PC and Mac. The series will conclude on iPad soon after, and the developers plan to bring it to Android and retail as well. Additionally, the full Cognition series was recently Greenlit thanks to more than 25k votes from fans who wanted Erica Reed's adventure on Steam.

App Store links (iPad version)
Episode 1: The Hangman: (currently on sale for $0.99)
Mac App Store links


I have reviewed the PC version of this game a few months ago .  This is like the PC version and I like the game very much . It is challenging but that is a good thing because if the game and the app would be easy it wouldn't be much fun.  

The  acting is not so great but still episode 1 and episode 2 are fun iPad apps that will keep you playing for a few hours.

I give this 4 out of 5.

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