Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Nicholas Sparks’s Novel Learning Series

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Each student guide in the Novel Learning Series features the full book’s text interspersed with learning guides. The NLS also addresses the needs of teachers: each title in the series is aligned with the ELA Common Core State Standards and fulfills protocol requirements used by almost every state.

Special features included in the books:
·         Questions and explanations about the text after every few chapters to check comprehension, vocabulary, grammar and usage, style and characterization and literary terms
·         Standard test questions format style throughout to help students prepare for standardized tests with SAT- and ACT-style questions using vocabulary and grammar from the books
·         Step-by-step sample writing prompts and essays and evaluation rubrics to guide students through the elements of an above-average, average and below-average essay – and explain why
·         English Language Arts (ELA) Common Core State Standards alignment

The Novel Learning Series provides students and teachers with seven compelling, dramatic novels packed with additional resources that help with critical thinking and comprehension skills development. Future publishing plans include more titles from Sparks as well as other classic works by a variety of noted authors. The titles in the series are available wherever books are sold.

A WALK TO REMEMBER: 978-1-4555-0856-3; $14.99, PB;
THE NOTEBOOK: 978-1-4555-1559-2; $14.99, PB
THREE WEEKS WITH MY BROTHER: 978-1-4555-1561-5; $14.99, PB
THE LAST SONG: 978-1-4555-1560-8; $14.99, PB
DEAR JOHN: 978-1-4555-2944-5; $14.99, PB
A BEND IN THE ROAD: 978-1455529421; $14.99, PB

FRANKENSTEIN: 978-1455529438; $14.99, PB



I have to admit I had never read any of Nicholas Sparks books before. Heck I had never seen any of the movies.

I have read a few of these The Novel Learning Series and I personally am not a big fan of his books but I know a lot of you are. 

Anyways if you have teens or high school students these books are great for them because there are tests with SAT- and ACT-style questions in the book. These books are also good for adults because the questions gets you thinking. 

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