Monday, August 12, 2013

Weight loss

As you probably already read a few months ago I really want to lose weight. I need to lose a lot but really right now I would be happy with just losing 20lbs.

I have battled with my weight for most of my adult life so far . When I was in my early twenties I was at a weight I was happy about at the time. I weighed about 118 lbs and I am 5 feet 3 and I had loads of energy but in 2005 I ended up in the hospital because of my Gaul bladder. Had to have it removed and at the same month I was quitting smoking and right after that I started gaining weight. Not sure if the surgery and quitting smoking had to do with my weight gain after but if not then it is a big coincidence.

As the years went by I started gaining more weight even though I would exercise and I portion controlled my meals .  

It never really bothered me that. Have gained weight about 2 years ago when I started having issues finding clothes that I like that fits me. Also I get tired more easily. I am now 218 lbs!! 

I have not tried any weight loss programs yet but I am currently thinking of joining one but I am not sure yet which one would be good for me. My main issue is because of social phobia I have problems going out because I get bad panic attacks so I can't always just go out to the gym everyday.

I was actually doing good with losing weight on my own last year. I was doing some video game work out games, playing outside with my dog, taking him for walks,I walked 30 minutes to the grocery store every week (instead of taking the bus) and eating a little better. I actually did lose 10 lbs last summer but then with a few things that was going on in my life and my daily schedule changed when my husband came back from deployment  plus eating take out more often I gained the 10 lbs back and a bit more . I know take-out is bad and I am now trying to eat take-out less often and eat healthier.

When I try to lost weight I want weight loss recipes that taste good and that I can make enough of the food for both my husband and I because I don't want to have to make one meal for myself and an other meal for my husbands.

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