Monday, December 23, 2013

Speedquizzing The Smartphone Pub Quiz App

Speedquizzing has been around for at least a year now, and you might have heard of the revolutionary smartphone pub quiz. The truth is, that name barely belies what the system is capable of, and now that the website has received a complete overhaul it is much easier to imagine the vast possibilities.

The Smartphone Pub Quiz

For those not in the know, Speedquizzing revolutionises the pub quiz format by having it all take place on a smartphone or tablet. There's an app to download and then you're ready to go – it takes less time than deciding on a suitable team name! The host reads questions aloud and the players respond on their devices, either by selecting an answer or typing it. There are options for picture and music rounds, and a virtual buzzer for head-to-head matches designed to evoke the feeling of a game show.

The New Website

Following a recent rebranding exercise, the website at got a huge overhaul. The company was developed by the brothers Alan and John Leach, who had originally worked themselves on the website design, logo and promotional materials and did an excellent job – however as part of their rebrand they asked for professional help on improving their appearance. The difference shows, as the logo is much sleeker than it had been, showing the simple and clear image of two hands touching a phone or tablet. As another result of experimentation with logo design, the brothers Leach were left with an abundance of graphic designs which, instead of wasting, were added to the new Poster Designer tool, allowing hosts to take control of their own advertising without needing any Photoshop skills.

The New Quiz

There are also some ingenious new tools for the Speedquizzing game. Firstly, a new feedback system allows the host to see the individual answers from each team as opposed to whether it was just correct or incorrect, right up until they ask the next question. Another feature called Evil Mode raises the stakes of the game and can cause incorrect answers to actually lose points for the team – the perfect tool to increase drama in the game in the final rounds. There are also a number of hidden features for advanced users; anyone who feels capable of handling more functions can find these features on the Speedquizzing forums.

Speedquizzing is getting bigger and better as time goes on and as the number of extra features continue to increase no one will be getting bored with the format any time soon. It not only changes the pub quiz format forever but introduces a whole new level of risk and reward.

Written by Simon Fitzgerald

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