Sunday, January 19, 2014

A Clueless Man's Guide To Buying Flowers

There are some things that men just don’t tend to know anything about and one of those things is often buying flowers.

For men flowers are purchased on special occasions and that tends to be the only time that they will take an interest in anything floral. So, we’re going to make things easier for you and help you when buying flowers for Valentine’s Day or any other day of the year.

The Girl

Even though you may not believe it, not all flowers are exactly the same and your girl may life specific flowers. Learn a little about here; find out what her favourite colour is, or what sort of flowers she has a soft spot for. Also, try and think about the sort of person she is – is she serious, quirky, romantic or otherwise – this can also help you decide on the sort of flowers for her. Obviously, if she’s allergic to flowers you’ll need to come up with something else for her.

What do they Mean?

You want the flowers to mean something as this is generally the purpose of giving them to a loved one. They may be a thank you flower, or a happy birthday, wedding, love or even a flower as an apology.

Though you may not believe it different flowers mean different things and you should try and get flowers for that specific thing when deciding on flowers. It can save you a lot of hassle and make your gift a lot more apt.

Where to Shop

Shopping for flowers has gotten a lot easier with the web. You can decide on whether or not you wish to buy flowers online or a local florist and when doing so you can also decide on where to go by closely looking at reviews. Farmers markets can be great, although online places such as Interflora often offer great deals with vouchers and the likes of Lovemycoupons.

Help is at Hand

Of course, if you’re still completely clueless it’s best to ask the professionals. You can do this by going to a chosen florists or using online live answer services on many sites nowadays.

Ask the person who works there questions such as what flowers are suitable for your occasion, offer them information on the girl’s favourite colours and also how you would like them to look – floral or green or otherwise. Also, advise them of a budget that you wish to spend so they will get you something in your price range, though not vastly above it. Don’t be shy or else you could end up with quite a shock – especially if you never have purchased flowers before.

Girls tend to love flowers and buying them flowers as a gift is a lovely way to mark an occasion such as Valentine’s Day or otherwise. Being creative and going out by yourself also means that you are a little different and not offering the same twelve red roses bouquet that everyone else receives, which is often quite a nice thing to do.

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