Friday, February 7, 2014

How to Save Money on Postage Around the Holidays

It is likely that one of your largest irregular expenses around the end of the year is going to be related to postage. Getting all of those hefty packages, Christmas greeting cards and yearly wrap up family newsletters, and gift baskets to friends in other countries is an expensive undertaking. Thankfully, if you plan ahead and work the system in a savvy manner, there are ways to save even on the seemingly inevitable expense of postage. At this time of year you may need extra financial support which could be provided by Payday Loans with little fuss.

Start by cutting down on the amount of physical items that you have to ship in the first place. Consider sending out e-Christmas cards or emails to friends and family on your list instead of going the Royal Mail route and posting paper greetings. You will be able to reach more people with stylish and interactive cards with greater reliability, and the best part is that e-cards and emails will arrive in the inbox of every person on your list instantly and at no cost to you. But when it comes to sending out sweets, gifts, and stocking stuffers that just can't be attached to an email no matter how hard you try, keep a few guidelines in mind to cut your costs and save big.

Save by Lightening Your Load and Shipping Alternatively

The heaviest packages get smacked with the heftiest fees when it comes to shipping them anywhere in the world. Unfortunately, there's not much you can do when it comes to delivering that several kilo tin of Christmas cookies to grandmother via the Royal Mail, but there are precautions you can take to lighten your load and therefore save big on shipping.

Keep in mind the fact that many alternative mail couriers offer cheaper shipping options than the Royal Mail. You may wish to do a price comparison by first weighing all of your Christmas packages at home with your own scale, and then going online to come up with a quote on the shipping prices of your various parcels through a few different couriers. This way, you can come up with the cheapest option for each parcel and then send your packages on in the most cost effective way possible. Especially when the parcels that you have to ship are oddly sized or shaped, extremely heavy, or in some way awkward or a challenge to transport, the discount couriers will be able to offer you a lower price.

If you decide to use an alternative courier, a good plan is to gather, ready, and collect together all your holiday mail and packages at your home and then request personal pick up from the courier. This saves you the time and effort you would spend at the post office, and enables you to ship all of your parcels in one fell swoop from the comfort of your own home.

Try a service like which offers cheap parcel delivery and even some end of the year holiday shipping specials for those last minute packages. InterParcel goes through couriers such as UPS and DHL to get parcels delivered reliably and on time, and does a top notch job with express delivery, insurance coverage options, and more extras as you need them.

Shipping Through the Royal Mail

However, if you are undeniably loyal to the Royal Mail and decide to do your shipping through that route, you will want to take a look at the post office's official guidelines for making the most of your allotted space and packing smart in order to ship your gifts with the least expense. Their online price finder will enable you to check your shipping costs before you go to the post office, so you will not be surprised with any over the top fees and can pack your presents as lightly and conveniently as possible.

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