Saturday, February 1, 2014

Power Rangers: ZEO, Volume Two on DVD review

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The Power Rangers face off against the dreaded villains King Mondo and Queen Machina, a malevolent pair who rule over their Machine Empire. This fearsome empire full of robots is menacing enough to scare Lord Zedd and Rita Repulsa into fleeing with their forces, abandoning the Moon to these metallic conquerors. Joined by their bratty offspring Prince Sprocket, King Mondo and Queen Machina command a fearless army of Cogs, relentless robots dedicated to their masters’ evil plans to dominate the universe. With the discovery of powerful Zeo Crystals, the crime-fighters utilize their new Zeo powers to save Zordon and Alpha 5 from certain decimation.

The Ranger team continues to expand when the mysterious gold Power Ranger, Trey of the planet Triforia, arrives on Earth to fight the Machine Empire. When Trey falls in battle, it’s up to the original leader of the Power Rangers, Jason, to don the gold Ranger powers and harness the enormous Zord Pyramidas. Now armed with greater powers than ever before, new uniforms and their new Zeonizers, the Zeo Rangers are a virtual army capable of fighting the mindless robotic legions of the Machine Empire.

Includes the final 25 episodes!

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I admit I have watched a few Power Rangers episodes before but that was in the 90's.  My younger brother was a huge fan so I ended up seeing a few episodes back then. 

This children's tv show is action packed with fighting. If you don't want your child to watch this genre of show then you won't like to let your child watch this. There is no blog or gore or anything though.  

I find this show a little cheesy and the acting is ok and all the episodes are entertaining and I find myself actually being able to watch it and I did enjoy it even though this is a children's show.

Power Rangers: ZEO aired on tv back in 1996.

I give this 4 out of 5

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