Wednesday, February 19, 2014

PK4 Picture Keeper Review And Giveaway

I have recently received a PK 4 Picture Keeper to review.  I really don't have many photos and really I keep all my photos on a portable external hard drive.

Picture Keeper is the easiest way to make a backup copy of your pictures. This is perfect for busy families. There is a embedded software on the Picture Keeper drive that does all of the work for you. No software to install, no wires to connect and no passwords to remember.

Picture Keeper has 4 different models to choose from:

PK4 (model received)
PK 4 
Holds up to 4,000* photos 
Keeps up to ~4000* pictures safe! 
*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture 

PK 8 
Holds up to 8,000* photos 
Keeps ~8000* pictures safe! 
*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK 16 
Holds up to 16,000* photos 
Keeps ~16,000* pictures safe! 
*ESTIMATE - based on an average size of 1 MB per picture

PK Pro 
Holds up to 250,000* photos based on a 1MB photo size. ( drive color may vary) 
With Picture Keeper Pro, it's a snap to save up to 250,000* pictures! And because there's no software to install, it's that much easier. 
How much is peace of mind worth to you? With Picture Keeper you can store thousands of pictures – safely and securely. The Picture Keeper automatically finds and saves your pictures. Just plug it in, click start and Picture Keeper does the work for you.  Use it in a digital picture frame, LCD TV, photo kiosks or just store it away.
The Picture Keeper Difference
▪   Skips duplicate photos
▪   No software to install, wires to connect, passwords to remember, or monthly fees.
▪   Use on multiple computers; both PC and Mac compatible.
▪   Once one Picture Keeper fills, just use another and the second will continue where the first left off.  Amazing!
▪   Works well with all photo organizing softwares like Kodak Easy Share.  
▪   Easily use with your digital photo frame, favorite print kiosk or keep in a fire proof safe.

It is super simple to use and you don't need to search your computer for all your photos because this little 
Picture Keeper device finds all your photos for you or just pick and choose which you want to save in this little stick.  

You click Start Backup and the Picture Keeper device starts searching for all your photos on you hard drive or your external hard drive that you have hooked up to your computer. 

Then when it is done it shows you how much room you have left on the stick .

Like I said I do not have many photos so it didn't take much time to save the photos and I still have a lot of room on my Picture Keeper.

I really like this because well it is super easy to use and you don't have to spend a lot of time to find your photos on your computer because it does it for you and it doesn't really take it long to find and add your photos.

You can also use the mobile app for iPhone, iPad and Android . It provides a simple, easy way to wirelessly  backup the photos on your mobile device to your computer and that too is super easy to use but personally I won't be using it much because I do not take many photos from my phone that I really want to keep.

Do I recommend Picture Keeper? Yes I do. It is a great product.

"Picture Keeper has agreed to giveaway the PK4 device. I was not paid in cash for this posting. I was sent a product for review and all opinions are my own." 


  1. I would keep this for myself and my husband!


    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  2. I would keep it, but probably let my husband use it :)

  3. i would be keeping this for myself

  4. I would love a PK Pro! I take a ton of pictures, and this would be invaluable! If I won this, my wife and I would share this.

  5. I would keep this for myself to safe guard my photos. I lost so many when my external hard drive failed it was devastating.

  6. I would keep it for myself, I have so many pictures spread on some many devices... It would be so great to have it all kept at the same place!

  7. I would keep this for myself -- we could really use it!

  8. I could definitely use this myself!

  9. I would keep it to myself! (Judy Cowan)

  10. I would keep for myself because I have two young daughters that I am always snapping photos of so this would be nice to have!

  11. I would keep it for myself, have lost way too many photos with computer crashes!

  12. Keep it for me! I have so many photos

  13. I would keep for myself, will give me the drive to sort thru all those old pictures and save

  14. I'd keep this for myself. I have a TON of pictures I'd love to save securely!

    Cori Westphal
    coriwestphal at msn dot com

  15. I would keep this for myself. i have too many pictures and worry of losing them.