Wednesday, April 16, 2014

'Earn to Die' Game Review

Car games give players the chance to drive, race, and soar through the air like never before. These titles are some of the most popular free games available on the internet. Gamers can engage in deadly races, speed across 3D courses, and perform stunts in modified vehicles. For a more relaxing challenge, there are plenty of simple, fun car games filled with rolling terrain and easier opponents. Earn to Die, the subject of this review, is not a relaxing game.

The title screen of Earn to Die features a turret-equipped truck running over a zombie. Based on the desert backdrop, it is clear that we're in for an offroad challenge. "Now with Super Wheel!" is listed below the title; I'm not sure what that means, but it probably isn't good for the enemies of our truck. Upon entering the main menu, we see the ability to save and load games. Perhaps our zombie-killing efforts won't go to waste.

The opening cutscene shows our main character stranded in the desert. He needs a car to reach the rescue helicopter on the other side of the sandy environment. We begin by purchasing a small hatchback vehicle, which can be replaced by a pickup truck or big rig for more cash. Our car's engine, wheels, boost power, and main weapon are all upgradeable. On the first day, we have no money for improvements. It's time to hit the desert road.

 Earn to Die features standard car game controls: up, down, left, and right to accelerate, brake, and tilt, respectively. The first mission begins by sending us down a steep hill. I press the accelerator, roll across the desert, and...that's it? I hit one zombie and ran out of fuel after travelling 190 ft. It appears that we may need to conserve fuel during each run -- a factor that was not mentioned in the instructions. The $119 I earned was enough to purchase additional fuel and upgrade my shabby car's wheels. Time for another drive. 

 Feeling a bit wiser, I waited until reaching the bottom of the hill to accelerate. On Day 2, this strategy yielded an additional 4 ft. of travel. I encountered the same lone zombie and was stopped by the same upturn in the terrain. My initial reaction: this isn't very fun. Many trials later, as costly upgrades improved my vehicle's performance, I began to make progress. I felt a small sense of accomplishment as I crossed additional hills and ran over more zombies. 

 Overall, I did not thoroughly enjoy the repetition within Earn to Die. Result: 3 out of 5 stars. For a vast selection of other games, I highly recommend

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