Monday, April 14, 2014

SpringPublisher: The Smart Choice for Small or Big Business

It's a digital and mobile world. You know it.  I know it.  The clients and prospects know it.  If you're hoping to stay viable in the fast-moving and always progressing world of contact and data then you need to stay relevant.
Today people can exchange contact info with the bump of a smartphone (both iOS and Android have similar features).  Who is to say, though, that the person who is trying to share contact information is going to have the right platform and mobile operating system to do it with?
That's why business cards are still such a viable option these days despite current advancements.  When someone has a business card they may never use it.  However, when someone that they know is looking for a service or certain business that person may very well reach into their back pocket, pull out your business card and say, "I know a guy".
It's important for small business owners, big business reps and-yes, even the lone marketer-to always carry plenty of business cards.  As long as they trendy, attractive and contain more than just some text with a couple of numbers.  Enter, SpringPublisher.  They do it right!

How is SpringPublisher Different?
There is more than one business card, brochure and flyer suite on the market today.  Each has a different company name but really, they're all the same.  SpringPublisher recognized the need to "spice up" the business card market and has done so successfully.
SpringPublisher's interactive, online platform puts you directly in charge of the way your business cards and brochures will look and be formatted.  Perhaps the most interesting options with SpringPublisher templates are the option of having a map and/or a QR code added to business cards.
The map is really convenient when needing directions to the business or person the individual is trying to get in contact with.  Remember, people want to feel important so when they're delivering the "I know a guy" line they can also add "and this is where he's located."
The QR code allows your main clients and prospects that you actually have your business card in their possession to be marketers for you!  They can let their contacts scan the QR code and that will help to multiply your efforts.

Lastly, and maybe most important, is the price of SpringPublisher.  You can opt to go with the free version which comes with the creation suite and a few templates, or you can go with the pro version for $23.95 and get more templates, high-quality output features and commercial usage rights.
Small Business uses for SpringPublisher
Besides wanting to look trendy and professional with a sharp looking business card, you actually want to have business cards.  This hasn't always been possible because it can get downright expensive to keep ordering them along with flyers and brochures.  SpringPublisher allows the small business owner and their reps to actually have the kind of modern business card that everyone in the business world should have today and for a reasonable price.
SpringPublisher for Big Business
How many times have you been handed a stuffy and boring business card from a business or individual that has been working out of the same box of business cards for years?  They're ugly and they scream "old".  SpringPublisher will add modern touch with features that today's clients actually understand and appreciate, like QR codes.
And don't forget, both small and business can use any of the features in SpringPublisher's suite to also add trend and character to customer and employee newsletters, brochures and more.
For more information and download the free trial version of SpringPublisher, visit:

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