Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Live Happy Magazine Review

I am not one to read magazines really but I will read some once in a while but I am really picky when it comes to magazines but I very much enjoyed Live Happy.

I admit I had never heard of this magazine but I decided to give it a chance and boy am I glad I did because this is now one of the few magazines I actually enjoyed and read from cover to cover. 

July/August issue of Live Happy offers content and articles that reveal how our interaction with others is at the core of our overall happiness .

It is a American magazine but Canadians can subscribe and they do have Canadian subscribers. If this is the kind of magazine you usually read I think you will enjoy this one. Heck this isn't what I usually read and I liked it. 

I really liked the summer books suggestions pages that was in this magazine . 

All in all I very much enjoyed reading Live Happy and I am thinking I just might subscribe to it.  If this sounds like a magazine you know you will love go check it out and here is the link to subscribe.
Yearly subscription is 6 issues (1 year)  for $17.95 and 12 issues (2 years) for $29.95. 

I highly recommend 

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