Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 DVD Review

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The iconic high-camp cleverness of “POW!,” “THWACK!” and “ZAP!” graphics leap off the pages as Warner Bros. Home Entertainment (WBHE) releases Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 to own on DVD on July 14, 2015 for $39.98 SRP. As the #7 best-selling TV title in 2014, the iconic series continues to prove enduringly popular for fans young and old. Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 features the final 30 episodes from the second season of the 1966 Original Batman Series, and includes over 12 hours of content! This is a collection you won’t want to miss!

Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 will bring more rollicking and mysterious mayhem designed to defeat our Caped Crusaders! With felonious foes lined up for revenge, like the venomous Black Widow, chilling Mr. Freeze and cagey Penguin, Batman (Adam West) and Robin (Burt Ward) must match wits with the wiliest. Sit back and tune into the double-crosses and conundrums that confound our calm, cool and be-cowled crime fighters. Now completely remastered, all the originality, crime-fighting action and arch-villainy of special guest stars like Tallulah Bankhead, Victor Buono and Eli Wallach are on DVD in pristine splendor like never before – for those who were there, and for a new generation of Bat-fans!

“For decades, Batman has proven its popularity and it all started with this live-action television title,” said Rosemary Markson, WBHE Senior Vice President, TV Marketing. “We recently released Batman: The Second Season, Part 1 and we just couldn’t wait any longer to release Batman: The Second Season Part 2 on DVD for longtime bat-fans to finish what they’ve started.”

Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 on DVD includes all 30 episodes:
  1. The Puzzles Are Coming
  2. The Duo Is Slumming
  3. The Sandman Cometh
  4. The Catwoman Goeth
  5. The Contaminated Cowl
  6. The Mad Hatter Runs Afoul
  7. The Zodiac Crimes
  8. The Joker’s Hard Times
  9. The Penguin Declines
  10. That Darn Catwoman
  11. Scat! Darn Catwoman
  12. Penguin Is A Girl’s Best Friend
  13. Penguin Sets A Trend
  14. Penguin’s Disastrous End
  15. Batman’s Anniversary
  16. A Riddling Controversy
  17. The Joker’s Last Laugh
  18. The Joker’s Epitaph
  19. Catwoman Goes To College
  20. Batman Displays His Knowledge
  21. A Piece Of The Action
  22. Batman’s Satisfaction
  23. King Tut’s Coup
  24. Batman’s Waterloo
  25. Black Widow Strikes Again
  26. Caught In The Spider Den
  27. Pop Goes The Joker
  28. Flop Goes The Joker
  29. Ice Spy
  30. The Duo Defy

DVD Standard Features:
• 4 DVD-9s
• Audio: English (1.0 DD)
• Subtitles: English SDH, Latin Spanish, French
• Aspect Ratio: 4x3 Full Screen

Own in Now on DVD. 


As you all know I LOVE anything Batman so I couldn't pass up Batman: The Second Season, Part 2 DVD to review.  

I had already seen some episodes a long time ago and I thought it was a little cheesy back then and now I find it even more cheesy but it is Batman and that show came from the 60's. Even though I find this show cheesy I actually enjoyed it. 

It is a fun show and if you are an old fan or a new fan you will most likely enjoy this one as much as my husband and I did.  

Only thing I do not like is the fact that the season  is released in parts.  Not sure if season one was but season two is. 

I give this 4 out of 5

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