Tuesday, July 21, 2015

July's Sizzi Glam Bag Review

The product(s) featured in this review were provided free of cost to me by the manufacturer or representing PR agency for the sole purpose of product testing. Opinions expressed are my own and are NOT influenced by monetary compensation. 

Yes I know I do not often review beauty products but this subscription company sounded interesting plus it is a Canadian company and we all know I am all for supporting Canadian companies.

Here is a little bit about Sizzi Glam Bag:

Sizzi Glam bag is a brand new Canadian beauty subscription box. Each month you receive 4-5 beauty products and a cosmetics bag.

Cost is $18 (shipping included)

Currently only ships in  Canada

Here is what I received:

A cute cosmetics bag

Volume Clubbing Absolute (Brun Brown Remix) Mascara

I looked it up online and this mascara is retailed at $21.  It is rare that I use mascara and I admit I had never heard of this company before.

Hard Candy Lipstick (Hot Shot)

This lipstick is $6.  I wasn't sure I would like it but after I tried it on I absolutely loved it. 

Clarin One-Step Gentle Exfoliating Clenser 

I actually received 2 of those but I forgot to take a photo of both together.  I have no clue how much this is. 

Milani Sunset Duos Blush & Bronzer -04- Sunset Shores
I really have no clue how much these are worth.  I had never heard of this brand before and I looked online and I can't find the price.  It isn't even in Milani's website so I am guessing it is discontinued. I do like it though.

Rimmel Wake Me Up foundation 
This is just a sample of this foundation.  I love Rimmel brand in general but I had never tried this foundation before but I love it.  I am going to go buy one next time I go to the drug store. 

What do I think of July's Sizzi Glam Bag?  I really liked this month's subscription.  I got to try different brands I had never tried or even heard of and I think this month was really worth it.  I like that is is just $18. It is one of the lowest priced cosmetics subscription company that I know of plus it is Canadian so 


  1. July was my first Sizzi Glam bag also and I loved it! I got the blue mascara. I never tried blue so that'll be interesting, I know it's not as bright as it looks and you can always add is as a highlighter to your already applied black mascara.

    I also received two of the clarins (used a similar exfoliant from this brand before and loved it), the milani blush in a nice light pink, a milani purple eyeshadow crayon and a dark green flat or thick eyeliner.

    I received the concealer pallette (I've always wanted to try this). I think the colours scare people, but I was reading how these colours contrast your problem areas. Such as the blue one reduces red pimples and the yellow and orange mixed is to cover up dark under eye circles.

    I can't wait for the next bag! I've been studying all types of glam bags and subscription boxes and have recently signed up for a few. I'm so happy that this is a Canadian version. I hope that they only grow from here. Hopefully they'll add a beauty profile to their page so people and opt out of certain things (since some people didn't seem happy with a few things). You can never please everyone though.

    1. Blue mascara? Wow!! I don't know if I would be brave enough to try that. I like my brown one. I wasn't sure I would but once I tried it on it didn't look so bad because it looked darker once on.

      What I like about subscription boxes is you get to try brands or products you wouldn't usually even think of trying and I like the surprise element of it all.

      Well Sizzi is still very new so they are still learning. They rely on the people who purchase their subscription boxes to tell them if they are doing good or help them grow by making suggestions. I do agree you can never please everyone.

  2. I ended up trying the blue mascara on after I sent the previous message over my black mascara, and it's very suttle. I think the packaging colour scares people :)

    I also like to try products that I don't normally wear/try. Looking for new vegan/non animal tested products as well. I noticed that on the Sizzi twitter page they mentioned that everyone would be getting a baked blush in their bags, but some people didn't so think that's why some people may not have been happy.

    This month I received my second ever birchbox, my first ipsy bag and now my first Sizzi. Out of them I liked my sizzi and ipsy bag the best. I signed up for topbox awhile back also and just was taken off of the waiting list so I will be getting that for the first time next month. I also get a meowbox for our cat (second one this month) :)