Monday, November 2, 2015

Good Luck Sock Review

Do you or someone you know like wearing different socks other that are not plain and boring?  Well I have found the perfect online store to get some awesome  socks that are not boring. The site is called Good Luck SockI was looking at the socks in the site and I have to say that there are a lot of socks I really like and they prices aren't so bad. Ankle socks are $8 each and regular socks are $12 each.  

Anyway, here is a sample of socks that they sell: 

I love my new socks. They are comfortable , colourful and funky. Also they are good quality socks . I have already washed mine twice and the colours didn't fade out. No more boring socks for this geeky girl. I will be buying socks from them in the future that is for sure.

They are great gifts for the Holidays too. You buy whatever socks you want or you can also subscribe to their socks of the month club for yourself or a friend or family member. 

What is Sock Of The Month Club?

It's the gift that keeps on giving and is also the easiest way to get awesome socks delivered to your doorstep once a month.
Select how long you would like to join the club for and we'll make sure that a funky pair of socks, selected by the wicked staff at Good Luck Sock, gets delivered to your door once a month.
The longer the membership the cheaper it gets per pair of socks. Check out Good Luck Sock's Sock of The Mont Club  to see the prices of each plans.
This company is Canadian and the prices are in Canadian dollars. Shipping is free in North America.

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