Sunday, November 1, 2015

October Horror Pack Review

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I am a fan of horror movies so I was so happy to stumble upon HorrorPack. Want to know more about Horror Pack? Here is more info:

Each month, their team curates four DVDs or Blu-rays, ranging from classic horror titles to modern independent festival flicks. You'll hit all the sub-genres, from slasher to ghost story to thriller and everywhere in between.

This subscription box you get 4 DVDs or Blu-rays (you pick which format you prefer) and they will send you 4 DVDs or Blu-ray horror movies.

For DVD plans
1 month DVD plan is $19.99, 3 months is $19.24, 6 months is $18.49 and 12 months is $17.74

For Blu-ray plans :
1 month plan is $24.99, 3 months plan is $24,24, 6 months plan is $23.49 and 12 months is $22.74

They ship worldwide but if you are outside USA and Canada make sure your DVD player or Blu-ray player plays region 1for DVDs and region A for Blu-ray. Free shipping in the US.

This is what was in October's DVD Horror Pack:

My Thoughts

I am pretty happy with this pack. I had already seen The Exorcism of Emily Rose back when it was out in theater but I haven't seen any of the others before so that is a great thing. I like that they included some Independent movies because you get to see movies you would never think of buying.

I think Horror Pack is a fantastic idea and I do recommend this subscription box.


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