Wednesday, November 27, 2013

PUSHPAN review

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Award-winning PUSHPAN® is a unique non-stick cake pan with a removable bottom — the next evolution of the springform pan. It is the only cake pan that is completely watertight and leak-proof. The integrated silicone seal on its loose base guarantees that every cake, cheesecake and quiche is released from the pan with perfection, creating perfect presentations every time.  

PUSHPAN pricing starts at $19.95 for an 8-inch PushPan and extends to $24.95 for the 9 ½ inch. 

Bad photo of the cake. It really looked better than that.


I am not much of a baker and I do not make cake often. I think I make a cake once per year because I can't seem to get cakes cooked right but I used the PushPan the other day when I made a chocolate cake and I am very happy with how the cake turned out. The cake was so delicious and moist. I think this is the very first time in years that I was 100% happy with how it turned out and even my husband commented this was the best cake I have ever made. 

I absolutely love that it is so easy to take the cake out of the pan by just pushing the bottom part once the cake was cooled off enough. 

I will be making cakes more often from now on.

If you love to bake cakes I highly recommend this pan.

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