Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Blu-ray and Digital HD Review

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Fall in love again with the timeless classic EDWARD SCISSORHANDS and celebrate its 25th anniversary with an all-new beautifully remastered, all-new 4k transfer available everywhere on October 13. This special-edition Blu-ray™ giftset with commemorative package and Digital HD from Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment, brings Tim Burton’s 1990 acclaimed work of art back to life just in time for Halloween. 

Johnny Depp delivers the performance of a lifetime as Edward, an irresistibly charming creation with razor-sharp metal hands and a heart of gold. Edward’s lonely life in a Gothic castle changes forever when he meets a kindhearted Avon Lady (Dianne Wiest), who takes him to a pastel paradise known as Suburbia. Thanks to his fantastic talents, Edward becomes a neighborhood sensation, but when he falls in love with Kim (Winona Ryder), he must go to extraordinary lengths to protect her.

 The beautifully restored EDWARD SCISSORHANDS: 25th ANNIVERSARY Blu-ray™ showcases Burton’s magical use of color, light and shadow, with clear, rich detail in even the darkest scenes. Considered Burton’s most personal and favorite work, EDWARD SCISSORHANDS is one of Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment’s most successful films. Nominated for an Academy Award® for “Best Makeup”, the romantic dark fantasy film is recognized as a quintessential icon for Goth subculture. 

The EDWARD SCISSORHANDS: 25th ANNIVERSARY Giftset comes with the beautifully remastered, all-new 4k Blu-ray™, Digital HD and custom paper dolls, a heart shaped cookie cutter and a topiary air freshener that smells like fresh cut grass.

 Special Features: • Tim Burton Featurette • Audio Commentary by Tim Burton • Audio Commentary by Danny Elfman.

Edward Scissorhands 25th Anniversary Blu-ray and Digital HD is available now in stores near you. 


It has been 25 years already?  I remember seeing this movie when it came out. I feel old now!  

This movie is one of my favourites since it first came out 25 years ago. I am a huge Johnny Depp and Tim Burton fan and ever since Edward Scissorhands I have  pretty much seen every single movies that those two make.  

I did own this movie in VHS a long time ago and well I have been wanting get this 25th anniversary Bluray so I am very happy to have received it to review.  

I had not watched the movie in years and when I watched it yesterday I so very much enjoyed it just as much as I did the first time I had seen it.  It is so well done.  I love the story and I know I will be watching it again and again in the future. 

If you are a fan of the movie I highly recommend you get this. 

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