Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Does This Make My Assets Look Fat?: A Woman's Guide to Finding Financial Empowerment and Success by Susan L. Hirshman (book review)


Product Description

As Susan Hirshman sees it, the rules of successful dieting are the same rules that apply to successful money management. In this upbeat and informative guide she offers women a 3-phase personalized plan that follows common dieting programs to help them understand their finances.
The structure of the book is consistent with that of a typical diet book - it includes an evaluation phase, an induction phase, and a maintenance regimen.  Susan offers specific advice on topics that matter most to women including how to develop realistic and attainable goals, how to make smart financial decisions, how to determine the best way to invest based on a reader’s 'investment personality’, and how and when to get professional help from a financial advisor all while relating it back to a theme that practically every woman has experienced at least once in her life – dieting!. 
Susan's program completely removes the intimidation factor that often accompanies the words ‘personal finance' and 'investing’ and provides women with all the information they need to take control of their financial situations once and for all.

My Review

This book is great and easy to read , Not at all like other financial book.I was able to read the entire book without being bored. If you are looking for a good financial  guide for women then this is a fantastic book for you. Very Informative and easy to understand

I give this a 4 1/12 out of 5  

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