Saturday, November 27, 2010

Jitters-A Quirky audiobook by Adele Park review


Product Description

For radio shock jock Nancy Neptune, life is just one big promotion. But when she's sent to work at a radio station near a polygamist compound in Utah, trouble comes in triplicate. In a land where one good wife deserves another, Nancy Neptune hooks up with a drag queen and a one-armed reporter to rescue a mentally challenged polygamist who is being abused by one of his nine mommies and neglected by the other eight. Jitters is narrated through a series of news reports with the characters reacting to the events of the day. Jitters features a cast of 15 actors who tell their stories in first person narratives. Don't miss this wacky ride through polygamist county, where the local radio station becomes part of every news story they broadcast! Jitters-A Quirky Little Audio Book is 6.5 hours long on 6 compact discs.

About the Author

Adele Park spent more than 20 years of her career working in television and radio as a reporter, news anchor, and on-air personality. During that time, Park earned several top journalism awards from The Associated Press, Colorado Broadcasters Association, and Utah Broadcasters Association. Park has also worked in the print media; her articles and photos have been published in a variety of magazines. In 2008, Park formed Straight to Audio Productions L.L.C. and opened a recording studio in St. George, Utah.

My Review

I have to admit this is the very first audiobook I ever listened to completely.
Anyways I put the MP3 in my iPod and everyday this past week when I took my 6 month old puppy for daily 1 hour walks I would grab my ipod and listen to this audiobook . At some points I had to force myself not to laugh while on the walks lol
This audio book is so good and I liked that different  voice actors would do the characters instead of just the 1 person who just reads the audio books. It was engaging and drew me in to the story. If you love audio books this is definitely one you should get. It is funny, very entartaining and captivating.

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I give this audio book a 5 out of 5 .

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  1. Hey Chantale,
    I agree with you about how funny this audio book is, although I'm a little biased, as I'm one of the characters in the book: Jackie Wu. Anyway, I guess a lot of other people agreed with you too because the book just won an Audies Award (kind of like the Academy Awards for audio books) in the category of Best Multi-Voiced Performance. Jitters was up against some stiff competition too, as Adele Park, the woman behind the whole project, was the ONLY independent company in the five finalists and she WON! Thank you for your nice comments. It appears you were a trailblazer by noticing early on how good it was! Garry Morris