Wednesday, November 3, 2010

The Second Half of Life by Sionna Caile (book review)



Product Description

Tequila, magic and rock and roll set the stage for midlife rebellion when the Committee for the Disaffected decides that the ancient art of witchcraft is the only way to rev up their boring small-town lives. Aidan, Kathy and Diana soon discover they’re not the only witches in town, and the local coven holds the secret to a cursed stone, inhabited by a demon that will grant your heart’s desire. This demon is a sultry succubus that wants to know what’s in it for her, and she doesn’t give you what you wish for; she gives you what she thinks you deserve.

Aidan desires the attentions of a handsome young musician, only to discover that he was already in love – with his bandmate. Kathy longs for financial security, but when fortune strikes, it reveals her husband’s true nature. Longing to be a respected author, Diana becomes an overnight success – but it’s her kinky erotica that everyone wants, and her humiliated husband decides to put his foot down.

Magical wishes always come with a high price tag – and they’re just not sure they can afford it.

My Review

I was asked by the author to do a review of her book. I liked the description so decided to do the review. I am very impressed with this one and I couldn't book my e book reader down. I was hooked on this one. But not right away. The beginning is a little slow but that is OK because you get to know the characters a bit better. If you are into books like this then you will definitely love this book as much as I do. 

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I give this a 4 out of 5

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