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The League season 4 DVD giveaway

An Intro To Rad Rafi
(AKA The Magnificent Mantzoukas)

Enter To Win A Copy of the Fourth Season of FX’s “The League” – A Favorite Amongst Sports & Comedy Fans on Blu-ray September 10.

If you are a fan of The League, you have had the pleasure of being introduced to Rafi. The outspoken man-child is the “bro-lo” of Ruxin (Nick Kroll) and painfully desired best friend of the crew. Just when you think one human being can’t get any crazier, “grody”, or insane, Rafi proves all of us wrong. It takes a unique man to bring this character to life on screen and make you hope you run into him off-screen, and that man is Jason Mantzoukas. In celebration of the fourth season available on Blu-ray and DVD, here are our favorite Rafi moments and introduce the man behind the loveable maniac, Jason Mantzoukas.


Rafi Gets Social with ‘MyFace’

In episode “Bobbum Man”, Rafi and Taco channel their inner Zuckerberg and create MyFace, the world’s first offline social network, and hilarity ensues.

What About Jason: Like most twenty-something’s, Jason ventured after college to explore life through other cultures, which led him to spending some of his adult years studying ethnomusicology in North Africa and The Middle East. The aspiring musician wanted to study music that was used in healing sessions and meditating.

Rafi’s Shady Connections
For all fans of the show, the most memorably awkward friendship is Rafi and Dirty Randy (played by Seth Rogan). Randy balances a job as a librarian and adult film director and he enlists his friend Rafi to help with his latter job.

What About Jason: Unlike his character, Jason didn’t dabble in adult entertainment; his rise to fame was more traditional. Shortly after returning from his stint in Africa, Jason moved to New York City and joined a developing comedy troupe, Upright Citizens Brigade, now famously referred to as UCB, a platform for today’s top comedic talents. During his early years, Jason belonged to a group that performed a show entitled ‘Cartoon Chaos’, in which he played the role of …Ricky Martin.

Rafi’s Creepy Crush
Perhaps a bit too much even for cable is the crush Rafi begins to develop on his, sister. Staying true to how messed up Rafi truly is, we have to reference the memorable time Rafi attempts to bond with Ruxin over the inappropriate compliment of his sister and Ruxin’s wife, Sophia.

What About Jason: In real life, Jason has a younger sister whom he’s crazy protective over but not crazy-in love like crazy Rafi. That’s all we can say about that crazy topic.

Rafi’s Gold Pendant
Along with his memorable voice, enviable beard, Rafi has a unique wardrobe. We can’t help but notice in our perusing of the greatest Rafi highlights that he always sports a gold pendant. We want to do more digging and see if Rafi ever mentions his jewelry, where is it from…did he steal it, did he win it in a crazy bet?

What About Jason: Like Rafi, Jason rocks a beard in real life, which he pairs with the ‘Mantzoukas Uniform’, a white oxford shirt and blue jeans. His reason for the basic clothing choice is “to use mental energy for life decisions” rather than the time spent debating on a trendy wardrobe. His inspiration? The brief time he spent living in a Greek monastery.

Rafi’s Quest of BBF (Best Bros’ Forever)
Rafi’s whole existence is to be included in his bro-in-law’s group of best friends. Since being introduced in Season 2, it’s hard to imagine the show without the lovable scruffy loon.

What About Jason: Jason was originally brought into the table read and while he was not cast in the original group, the show creators loved him so much that they promised to bring him on the show if the series was picked up for a second season. After the second season, Jason developed the character Rafi, and we couldn’t be happier.

Relive your favorite Rafi moments from Seasons 1-3 and top it off with the Season 4, available on Blu-ray and DVD September 10th.

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