Monday, September 9, 2013

The See-Through Leopard by Sibel Hodge (ebook review)

                                                         *I received a free copy of this ebook for my honest review*

Most sixteen-year-old girls are obsessed with their looks, but Jazz Hooper's obsessed for a different reason. After a car accident that kills her mum, Jazz is left with severe facial scars and retreats into a dark depression.

Fearing what will happen if Jazz doesn't recover, her dad makes a drastic decision to move them from England to a game reserve in Kenya for a new start. And when Jazz finds an orphaned leopard cub, it sets off a chain of events that lead her on a two year journey of discovery, healing, and love.

“A percentage of the royalties from the sale of this book will be contributed to Panthera, a leading international conservation organization dedicated to protecting and preserving the world’s big cats, plus other wildlife conservation groups.” -- Sibel Hodge, Author


This book is awesome and inspiring.

I have read many book by Sibel Hodge and I have loved every single one of them and yes I loved this one just as much. 

This is a very well written book that kept me reading from the very beginning.

I highly recommend The See-Through Leopard.

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  1. Thanks so much for reviewing The See-Through Leopard. So glad you liked it :)

    1. Sorry I didn't get to email you to let you know the review was up. I am having a crazy busy day.