Thursday, March 5, 2015

#GarnierSensitive Clean+ Makeup Removing Cleansing Lotion Review

*Disclaimer: The above product has been provided by Garnier Canada, the opinions  are my own, and in no way do they reflect Garnier Canada.*

Clean+Makeup Removing Cleansing Lotion To look and feel its best, sensitive skin needs the right clean and specific care. Go beyond clean… Customized Cleansing Quick-break lotion releases the powerful cleansing agents to dissolve impurities and waterproof mascara. Skin Type Specific Care Formula, infused with Plant Extracts, leave skin feeling moisturized and protected.

Results In 1 use: Skin feels comfortable and conditioned and thoroughly cleansed. After 1 week: Skin feels smoother and softer and looks healthier.Dermatologist tested • Ophthalmologist tested • Allergy Tested • Suitable for sensitive skin


 I am usually pretty picky when it comes to makeup removers because some tend to turn my face red and some I find burn my sensitive skin but I find this product to be perfect and it really makes my skin nice and soft. It is awesome of sensitive skin like mine. 

I don't wear much makeup ( foundation, a bit of eye shadow, a bit of mascara and a bit of gloss or lipstick) but I found it did a great job at removing the makeup. 

 This is one I will be using again and again in the future.

 I highly recommend this product. I give this 5 out of 5


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