Monday, March 30, 2015

Poki Game Site Review

I am often looking for different online games to play on my laptop or on desktop computer on long boring days. You know, those days that no matter what you do the day just keeps dragging on and on? I have been having quite a few of those days this winter. Poki is a new brand and site. is a online games site that has a lot (and I mean a lot) of fun games that will sure keep anyone busy for hours on end. I think it is the ultimate site for your free online games . Yes I said free games. Who doesn't like free, right?

The site hosts all types of online games for everyone from casual gamer to advanced gamer. I personally am a MMO (Massively Multiplayer Online) girl so I was a little worried that the site wouldn't have games I would like but poki does have a few awesome MMO games. If you aren't into that kind of game that is all good because there are also car games, math games, Lego games,card games Mario games . The list goes on and on . If you have children who likes to play games on the computer poki has many games they might enjoy like dress up games.

Only during the past 2 days I have played 5 different games. Good thing I didn't really have anything else to do and didn't have anywhere to go because I spent a few hours playing games in that site. This is one I will go to again and again in the future that is for sure. 

The graphics are pretty good on all the games I have played so far and the games I have played are so much fun that I already told a few of my friends about the site and they told me they are loving it so far. I do recommend this site to all of you. 

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