Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Big Savings: The Best Deals for Video Gamers

With the gaming industry as ever changing as it is, the savings potential with games are fleeting, at best. As a hardcore gamer, it's up to you to find the best deals before both time and stock runs out. The latter is as exceptionally important, since if a game is so popular that it becomes out of stock easily, it's difficult to know when the amount will refresh.

It is for this reason that discerning the best times to go after deals is especially vital. Sooner is always better, so a little vulture activity may be required. This includes signing up for websites and their newsletters, as well as accepting their bonus activity emails. Then, watching your inbox like a hawk and checking back to those websites periodically, in order to be informed of new releases and sales before a bunch of other thrifty gaming fanatics gain awareness. Think of it like a virtual line for a new game release. You need to be ahead of the line to be guaranteed a copy.

This applies to hard copy fans only. Unless you're a fan of downloading straight to the console of your preference. In which case, it's a different ball game, entirely. This is because, due to the growing popularity in downloading video games, you may be able to get your hands on a better deal in the long run. For example, that new hard copy of a recently released role playing game may very well be ten percent off for a limited time, but may still cost ten or so dollars more than just downloading the game straight to the console. Of course, both routes have their advantages and disadvantages. The lower price for the download means no possibility of reselling or borrowing out the game to other people later on.

As you can imagine, the best deals come from websites when the season calls for huge sales. This could be the infamous "Black Friday" or numerous sales littering the internet before or after the holiday seasons. It really depends on the site in question, considering many events are held within a short period of time and usually include a code of some sort. As mentioned, this is why it's important to become involved in the email group of a site, since those who are signed up are usually informed before all others and have the possibility of having first grabs on a new release or promotional deal on an older release. This may even include receiving specialty codes that cannot be gained anywhere else but through membership.

There are specialty sites that are geared purely towards providing excellent deals for the thrifty gamer minded folk. Grab The Games is a site which gives excellent low priced deals for games that have been out for a minute, but still tend to cost a pretty penny. They also have some frequent contests for free games and gaming accessories, along with a "deal of the day" game. These deals range anywhere from ten percent lower than list price, all the way up to or past fifty percent off.

The author has been gaming for over a decade, with most preference of taste leaning towards horror, survival, tactical/strategy, science fiction, fighting, and fantasy. Some of his writing pieces could be seen in Killer Game Deals. He is also a self proclaimed thrifty shopper, who knows his way around the web and all the best places to be for a good deal on the newest thing.

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