Thursday, October 10, 2013

Glee season 4 on Blu-ray Giveaway

Season Four of the exhilarating Emmy®-winning series** finds Rachel and Kurt in New York City, Finn with a surprising new career, Will and Emma at a crossroads and Sue confronting a shocking situation! Meanwhile, tension mounts as the kids in New Directions head for regionals, facing new challenges. Featuring exciting new cast members, electrifying musical numbers, and superstar guests like Sarah Jessica Parker, Kate Hudson and Whoopi Goldberg, Glee remains TV’s most enthralling, most topically relevant show!
Blu-ray & DVD Special Features:

  • Glee Music Jukebox
  • Glee Premiere Party
  • Deleted Scenes
  • Movin' On Up: Glee in NYC
  • Girls (and Boys) On Film
  • Glee on Film
  • The Road to 500


  1. Yes, I did. I still love the show, but I'm not taking to the new cast members yet. :\ They haven't won me over! Although I can't wait to watch it tonite for the Cory tribute. :'(

  2. My wife and I have watched part of season 4, but haven't finished it yet. I think season 4 is definitely the weakest of all the seasons so far. It'll be interesting to see where they take season 5 with Finn gone.

  3. I've only watched the first 2 seasons so I need to catch up!
    angela mitchell

  4. I did not watch it, this is my daughters favorite show, but she started watching late and would love to have season 4 to watch.

  5. All up to date and had a few tears last night.

  6. Haven't had a chance to watch Season 4 yet, still on Season 1 :P

  7. I've never seen it but have heard SO much about it! I have several friends who are die hard fans who would love this as a gift.

  8. I watched it. I am not overly fond of the new cast members yet

  9. I've watched it. At first it was kind of hard getting use to the new characters, but towards the end of the season I've come to love them and am use to them. I love the show. The actors are so talented.