Sunday, October 6, 2013

Top 5 Men’s Colognes for Fall 2013

Now is the perfect time to keep your tank tops and shorts in your closet and make way for scarves and trench coats. While you’re planning a wardrobe makeover for the next three months, it’s also a great idea to swing by the men’s colognes section to buy your sweetheart a new scent for fall.

The new season lets you experience a colder weather so bring on some heat with these top 5 colognes for your man.

boss bottled night by hugo boss​Boss Bottled Night by Hugo Boss
Launched in 2010, Hugo Boss released a fragrance for the sexy, irresistible young man who hungers for success. Boss Bottled Night has a woody scent that is perfect for the man who desires to be challenged and takes every milestone head on. He’s the competitive type that’s why he’s the boss. Lavender, violet, birch tree, and musk are blended together to create that image of an intense summer night, bringing the heat back on a colder evening.

nautica classicNautica Classic
For a more budget-friendly option, Nautica created a masculine, outdoorsy scent bottled up in a sporty design called Nautica Classic. With a bottle that looks like a boat’s sail, Nautica Classic stayed true to the brand’s vision of fresh waters. This time, the scent is combined with aromatic woods, florals, amber, musk, and spices. A lot of men like a refreshing scent that’s not overpowering so this is perfect for a guy who likes the calm feel of the sea.

gucci guilty intense for men

Gucci Guilty Intense for Men
Gucci carries the best masculine scents and Gucci Guilty Intense for Men is one creation your man shouldn’t miss wearing. With added sensuality, this is the type of fragrance your man carries in an event with an after party celebrated with you alone. Of course, this scent is a head-turner so don’t be surprised if your man instantly commands attention. A powerful mixture of orange flower, Cedarwood, lavender, patchouli and lemon will appeal to the senses.

burberry weekend for menBurberry Weekend for Men
There’s something about citrus scents that men like and it’s a sweet gesture to give him something citrusy and subtle. For a laidback yet romantic weekend, give your man Burberry Weekend for Men for a fresh and relaxed feeling. An aromatic citrus cologne that combines warm bases of honey, musk and amber, Burberry Weekend is a light, casual scent he can use every day of fall.

mont blanc presence​Mont Blanc Presence
For the man with a great sense of fun and a disarming personality, Mont Blanc Presence is the finishing accessory for the ever-appealing man. Maybe he’s the type of guy with the good looks, a great smile, and a humble personality whom you can bring home to Momma. It’s the right mature scent for men ages 25-35. A recommended fall scent, Mont Blanc Presence is the masterpiece of combining musk, cinnamon, apple, ginger and tea.

Think of your man and know what fragrance fits him best. There’s always that aroma designed for a laidback dude or an attention-grabbing guy. Remember to keep him warm all throughout fall with these top colognes you can find at Beauty Encounter.

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  1. I think these five are the top used cologne for men. If a man really wants to show up personality he have to must use these. Personally like the Gucci.