Thursday, October 3, 2013

Top Five Gifts to Give Your Girlfriend for Christmas

It is never too early to start thinking about what to give your girlfriend for Christmas. The Christmas gift for her has the potential to either make or break your relationship. By getting her the perfect gift, not only can you show her that you truly love and care about her, but also you may be able to give your relationship the boost that it needs to take it to the next level.  Consider the top five gifts to give your girlfriend for Christmas:

1 – A Promise Ring

If you have been dating your girlfriend for an extended length of time, you can show her that you really care about her by giving her a promise ring for Christmas. Promise rings are available in a variety of styles and price ranges. They may be loaded with diamonds or they may be simpler in design. Many jewelers offer huge discounts on promise rings as Christmas approaches because they are such a popular gift to give at that time of year. Check out Shane Company promise rings if you're interested in learning more.

2 – A New Purse Filled With Her Favorite Things

Most women love purses, especially new ones. Consider giving your girlfriend a new purse filled with her favorite things. If you are not sure which purse she would like, ask her friends or family members to help you choose one. Fill the purse with her favorite candy, lip gloss, knick knacks, and more.

3 – Perfume

Women like to smell good and most women achieve that goal with the help of perfume. The popularity of giving perfume has continued over the years because it is usually very well received by girlfriends all over the world. Pay close attention to the types of scents that your girlfriend prefers and ask her friends or family if she has mentioned wanting a particular new scent or line of perfume.

4 – A Movie That You Both Enjoy

Surprise your girlfriend this Christmas by giving her a movie that you both enjoy. Plan a date night with her by cooking her favorite meal or taking her out to eat and then cuddle on the couch together and watch her new movie. You can make your movie night even more spectacular by planning other activities that go along with the theme of the movie.  For instance, if you watch a movie about the beach, dress in a grass skirt and shells, eat Hawaiian food with pinna coladas for dinner, and lay on beach towels as you watch the movie. It will be a date night that she will never forget.    

5 – Tickets to Her Favorite Show or Event

Pay close attention to upcoming shows that your girlfriend talks about wanting to go to and secretly buy tickets to the show for the two of you.  Whether your girlfriend likes Broadway musicals, musical concerts, or sporting events, you are sure to make her day by giving her the opportunity to enjoy the show or event with you. Make the date even more special by taking her out to dinner and obtaining backstage passes for the two of you for after the event.  

For many men, planning the perfect Christmas gift for their girlfriend can be a yearlong process. By taking the time to thoughtfully plan a gift for your sweetheart, you are sure to make her fall even more in love with you.

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