Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Seven Great Gifts for Sports Fans

Sports fans are not the easiest people in the world to buy gifts for. There are so many different sports and teams to consider. And if you have no idea who plays what for whom you could end up very confused. So if this sounds like you, read on for a few inspirational gift ideas.

Team Jersey

Whether your man (or woman) is into hockey, baseball, soccer or football, a replica jersey from their favourite team is bound to be a crowd pleaser. Just be sure to buy the right jersey from the right team or they could end up bitterly disappointed.

Official MLB Cap

Official MLB caps are a fun gift for baseball fans. A baseball cap is a very versatile accessory. They can be worn anytime and anyplace, from walking the dog to a trip down the mall. They are also great for kids, so pop one in your sports mad son or daughter's Christmas stocking and they will be thrilled.

Sports Video Game

Sports themed video games are a perennially popular gift for Christmas, birthdays, or just because you care. There are loads to choose from, but make sure you buy the latest incarnation of the game because manufacturers have a habit of releasing new versions on a regular basis.

Game Tickets

Tickets to the best games often sell out extremely quickly, so if you want to treat a loved one to tickets so they can watch their favourite team in action, you need to be on the ball. Find out when the game is going to be and check when the tickets are released for sale. Have a credit card handy and voila!

Season Tickets

Season tickets are definitely not a cheap gift, but they are one that will make you immensely popular for quite some time. The idea behind buying a season ticket is that your sports fan can go and watch their favourite team play throughout the season, which should make them very happy indeed.  You might want to buy this present ahead of time, especially if your loved one’s team is very popular.

Ticket Stub Diary

A ticket stub diary is a great stocking filler at Christmas time and a nice little gift the rest of the year. This gift is ideal for sports fans that like to collect memorabilia from the games they attend. Instead of sticking their used ticket stubs in a drawer somewhere, they can file them neatly inside the ticket stub diary and look at it when they want to reminisce about their favourite games.

Gym Membership

It would be fair to say that a lot of sports fans could do with spending more time playing sports and less time watching them on the TV with a six-pack of beer to hand. Gym membership is a useful gift for the sports fan who could do with dropping a few kilos. However, tact is of the essence here because the person in question might be rather offended if you insinuate they are overweight.

John McAdams loves sports. He also loves to blog about his favourite MLB teams, which is why he was thrilled when his wife bought him a New York Yankees baseball cap for his birthday.

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