Thursday, October 31, 2013

Leon's Lair by The Phoenix (ebook review)

* I have received this ebook for my honest review*

What would you do if your vacation cruise ship was being attacked and you knew you were going to be killed?

Would you fight? Would you hide? Would you try to escape?

This international thriller/contemporary fantasy is a nail-biting ride that is grisly but somewhat tongue-in-cheek, a brutal tale of horror and the occult that doesn't take itself too seriously. It includes romance, continental adventure, action, suspense, and dozens of vivid characters from around the world.

The adventure starts with The Jakarta, an elegant cruise ship sailing the exotic seas in Indonesia with a passenger list of ninety, unsuspecting people. Jane and her best friend, Remy, are just getting know the rest of the small group of young twenty-somethings when the ship is attacked by pirates. However, Leon and his band are not your usual pirates - they want something else.

Jane and two male companions escape the horror, fleeing in a lifeboat. In their flight to escape Leon and his men, they become lost at sea for weeks, are out of water, and have nearly lost hope of ever finding rescue when they finally catch sight of land, a dangerous rain-forested island that seems deserted. However, their fight for survival has only just begun.

They are not alone.
Fate is cruel. 
They thought they had escaped, only to find they are caught in Leon's Lair.

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I could not put this book down and I didn't want to because it is just so good and it made me stay up way past my bedtime just because i couldn't stop reading to see what will happen next. It is very well written and I know I will be reading this one again in the future .

I highly recommend this book . 

I give this 5 out of 5

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